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Product Description

The Salt-water Fuel Cell Science Kit illustrates a cutting edge fuel cell concept: combine a saltwater electro- lyte with magnesium plates to generate electrical energy. The Salt Water Fuel cell kit enables you to investi- gate the science behind salt water fuel cell technology, either by powering the included mini-turbine or creat- ing your own power applications.


Experiments & Activities

✔ Features magnesium salt-water fuel cell power device

✔ Develop your own micro-fuel cell applications ✔ Easy to integrate and use
✔ Compatible with other Horizon science kits

Language Pack

✔ Assembly Guide :
✔ Technical Support Guide:

✔Saltwaterenergy experiments
1. Create energy from salt water solution and power a fan

2. Analyze current and voltage variation using different salt concentrations

3. Analyze current and voltage variations using different temperatures

4. Analyze current and voltage variations using different fuel volumes

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Salt Water Fuel Cell Science Kit

Packing Information

Case Pack Quantity

Kit Content

✔ Salt water fuel cell
✔ Salt water fuel cell anode plate
✔ Fan module
✔ Salt water fuel cell base
✔ Fan blade
✔ Gradual container
✔ Wires
✔ Fan blades adapter
✔ Syringe and its tube
✔ Renewable Energy Curriculum CD

Salt Water Fuel Cell Battery Science Kit

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