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About Us

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide machineries for the production and the end-use of the hydrogen

Our Vision is to provide hydrogen powered cloud cities which can sustain itself in the Venus atmosphere.


Our Story

As Hydrolyx Energy, we have started our path with working on production of green hydrogen from waste water. 

Because of the market needs we have decided to work on 

efficient hydrogen production method,

Solide Oxide Electrolyzer systems that has a potential of 90% efficiency and the capacity to use waste of factories.

Now we have started to work on Unmanned Hydrogen Vehicle that has a potential of both fly & drive, with hydrogen fuel cells.

Meet The Team

Our Rewards

Tübitak Bigg 1512 Fund
Gelecek Vadeden Girişim 2023 Şampiyonu
CEE June 2023 Important Startups
Best for Energy Reward


H2ub Hydroverse
Sabanci University Nanotechnological Center
Gebze Teknik Üniversitesi
Horizon Educational
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