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Product Description

Horizon’s Fuel Cell Car Science Kit enables students to discover the principles behind the real-scale fuel cell vehicles currently being rolled out across the world. A reversible PEM fuel cell first electrolyzes water to separate oxygen and hydrogen molecules. This hydrogen is then converted into electrical energy to power the car. Plus, the car drives itself - capable of negotiating obstacles independent of the user. Cutting edge technology and RC gadget fun in one science kit!


✔ Best entry level fuel cell car kit on the market and one of Horizon ́s best sellers!
✔ Clearly demonstrates the science behind electrolysis and the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen.

✔ Includes solar panel for powering electrolysis, and complete experiment guide on CD

Language Pack

✔ Experiment Manual:
✔ Assembly Guide :
✔ TechnicalSupportGuide:

Experiments & Activities

✔ Assembly and operation of the kit

✔ The Effect of Heat on Solar Panels

✔ The Effect of Shade on Solar Panels

✔ The Effect of Tilt Angle on Solar Panels

✔ Finding the Solar Panel ́s Maximum Power Point

*requires variable resistor module-sold separately

✔ Electrolysis Mode Generating Hydrogen and Oxygen from Water

✔ Fuel Cell Mode Generating Electricity from Hydrogen and Oxygen

✔ Determining the Minimum Voltage for Water Decomposition

✔ Polarization States for Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Fuel Cell Car Science Kit


Kit Content

✔ Chassis with LED light & motor ✔ Reversible (PEM) fuel cel
✔ Hydrogen tank
✔ Oxygen tank

✔ Inner Gas containers

✔ 0.75 Watt solar cell

✔ 2 x 2mm Connecting leads

✔ Battery pack with connecting leads (requires 2 X AA batteries)

✔ Plastic plug pins for fuel cell ✔ Transparent silicon tubing




Fuel Cell Science Kit

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