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Product Description

The Solar Hydrogen Science Kit lets students invent their own clean energy applications using fuel cells and renewable hydrogen created using solar energy and water. The kit also comes with a small electric motor and propeller blade as the starting point for the motorized applications you can build using your futuristic solar energy storage device. The set comes with a complete curriculum on renewable energy with easy to follow experiment manual, assembly guide, flash animations, and background history on the technology.


✔ Turn Solar Energy Into Hydrogen Energy!
✔ Includes Horizon’s complete curriculum on renew-

able energy on CD-ROM

✔ Lessons on solar energy, hydrogen fuel cells, elec- trolysis, and basic electronics

✔ Build your own solar powered inventions using a fuel cell

Language Pack

✔ CD Experiment Manual: ✔ Assembly Guide :
✔ TechnicalSupportGuide:

Experiments & Activities

Battery Pack

✔ Solar energy experiments
1. The effect of heat and cooling on solar panels 2. The effect of shade on solar panels
3. The effect of tilt angle on solar panels
4. Finding the solar panel’s maximum power point

✔ Hydrogen energy experiments
1. Electrolysis mode: generating hydrogen and

2. Fuel cell mode: generating electricity from hydrogen and oxygen

3. Determining the minimum voltage for water decomposition

4. Polarization states for hydrogen fuel cells

oxygen from water

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Solar Hydrogen Science Kit

Packing Information

Case Pack Quantity


Master Pack Quantity



Packaging Type: cardboard


Unit Box Length

21 / 8.27


Kit Content

✔ Reversible PEM fuel cell
✔ Reversible PEM fuel cell base
✔ Hydrogen and oxygen tanks
✔ Inner gas containers
✔ Water/gas tank module base
✔ Transparent silicon tubing
✔ Flexible 2mm banana connecting leads ✔ Plastic plug pins for fuel cell
✔ Battery pack with connecting leads
✔ Syringe
✔ Motor and fan with propeller blade
✔ 1 Watt solar panel
✔ Assembly instructions
✔ CD with curriculum manuals



Solar Hydrogen Education Kit

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